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Alice Lyons photoMy poems have appeared in publications such as Tygodnik Powszcheny (Kraków) and Poetry (Chicago), as poetry films, public artworks and in gallery contexts. I like to work across artistic disciplines and with filmmakers, visual artists and other creative thinkers/makers. Three books have been published: The Breadbasket of Europe (Veer Books, London, 2016); speck: poems 2002-2006 (Lapwing Press, Belfast 2015); Staircase Poems (The Dock, 2006).

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Online Dating Tips

My recent critical writing/research/making has been focused on filmmaker/critic/photographer Hollis Frampton—on his films and his relationship with poet Ezra Pound. A recent essay on Frampton appears in Poetry, here.


I teach and curate, too. Currently, I direct Poetry Now in Dublin, part of the Mountains to Sea Book Festival.

Online Dating Tips - How To Tell If Woman Is Attracted To You

Online Dating Tips

In modern times Free Text Flirting the sleigh beds are manufactured Dating Advice For Women Over Fifty using various combinations like wood with Dating White Women aluminum, twisted steel bars and grills and offers an elegant look bring an interesting piece of furniture in the house.Its not brain surgery Signs That A Woman Likes You More Than A Friend but you need to follow step-by-step instruction.Describing your computer problem to the staff at your local Public Library can get you the help you need without any cost.

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Among the honours I have received are the Radcliffe Fellowship in Poetry & New Media, Harvard University; the Patrick Kavanagh Award; the Ireland Chair of Poetry Bursary; and an IFTA (Irish Film and Television Award) nomination for 'The Polish Language', which you can view on this website along with my other projects.

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